Of Ash and Dying Light​.​.​. 10" Split

by Nachtterror / Altars of Grief

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"Of Ash and Dying Light..." is a 10' vinyl split release featuring Regina, Saskatchewan's Nachtterror and Altars of Grief.

Track Listing:
1. Breathe of the World Ablaze
2. Upon Ashen Shores
3. Fall of the Sabbath
4. Belial
[Altars of Grief]
5. In Dying Light
6. Your Heaven
7. Room of Angel (cover)


released May 29, 2015

Tracks 1-4 written and recorded by Nachtterror
Tracks 5-6 written and recorded by Altars of Grief
Track 7 is a cover of Akira Yamaoka's "Room of Angel" from the Silent Hill: The Room Soundtrack. Cover recorded by Altars of Grief.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Nachtterror regina, Saskatchewan

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Track Name: Nachtterror - Breathe of the World Ablaze [Nachtterror]
-The Breath of the World Ablaze-

Arise!... Children of the dark
and Behold! This wisdom i impart
from within you, the fire of man
shall forge a crown and kingdom by your hand

"For the curse of life, is the curse of want,
and so you peer through the fog in hope of answers

There's something,Beautiful in the dark
the embers of creation,
I see it, beautiful, in the dark
awaiting the breath of the world...

take now this journey, through the dark
to find the fire within
walk with me, oh king, through the dark
And awaken the breath of the world

the warmth of the sun, you feel naught.
the love of another, you have forgot.

forever in darkness, a king you've become
alone in your kingdom, a ruler of one.
for the fire within you shall soon overcome
the fear of the night with the death of a sun.

Behold, the light so beautiful, in the dark.
The breath of the world ablaze, in the dark.
Your soul ablaze in fire, in the dark
I am the god within you, within the dark.

Lyrics by Maelkleth
Track Name: Nachtterror - Upon Ashen Shores [Nachtterror]
Upon Ashen Shores

Into the dawn
Words to a whisper
The sirens gone
The silence come
Of Gods Reborn
And Judgement passed
The eyes of one
The voice of none

Walk with me, upon Ashen Shores
Into the endless waves of none

The path before
Failed to deliver
This final day
The only way
Upon the altar
Within the dust
This final chapter
This ending rapture

Stand with me, upon fallen swords
Into the open arms of none

I wither
Silent All
Into dust
We fall

Within this realm of none
In ashes we are one

Darkness comes, purest sight
Without sound, bitter night
Blessed black, open doors
We have wrought, these ashen shores

I will stand
an endless altar on
These shores of Ash
Within the silence
Of an empty dawn
This world of Ash

Lyrics By Wikk, Infernal
Track Name: Fall of the Sabbath [Nachtterror]
Fall of the Sabbath

We arise from shadow
Our fallen army of man
Our shattered tombstones hallowed
Born again to defeat his reign
With broken silence followed
By our forsaken stand
Clothed in broken memories
We shall deal our cruel Judgement's hand

With the new sun dawning...
and heads held high...
We shall reap tomorrow...
This world is ours to sanctify

Fighting through the torment
Gaining peace through our lost lives
We shall not lie in silence
Until this beast finally dies
With gaping holes of hatred
Fueling us to fight again
We are clothed in flesh of evil
We are pawns of Judgement's plan

Judgement has come now a second time through
The darkened skies begin fading
As the seventh day lay, and the morning crawl
God is reborn to watch the Sabbath fall
...We'll conquer all

Blackened bits of flesh
Testament to the final blessed
Conjure up the god
To bleed again and watch the Sabbath fall

Strewn about the dirt in pieces
The pain we feel, it never cease
Immortal souls wont see release
And we will never feel such peace
Mangled in the chosen ground
Charred remains all to be found
To set ablaze the end of days
And crucify all that remains

With empty eyes we die today
On broken knees we shall not pray
Our bludgeoned minds and bloodied hands
Let this funeral march be the livings last stand
...Fight until we cannot breathe
We shall burn the sanctity!

We shall stand and conquer all
As we watch the Sabbath fall
We shall stand and conquer god
As we watch his Sabbath fall!

Lyrics by Wikk, Infernal
Track Name: Belial [Nachtterror]

Open the gates as the darkness growing
As the sky opens with a roar
Burning the crops of a new dawn fading
The sunset leaves like a broken whore
Peel off the skin of t he howling banshee
Belial wings spread the legs of god
For those oppressed a new awakening
Feelings expressed from the lord of war
The time has come to seperate all evil
The lucid dream has come to pass
To violate the commands of leaders
Sirens screaming through broken glass

Gates open wide to the sound of laughter
As thunder strikes down on man
Theres no escape from the verticle entry
There is no turning back
Fornication in grandios fashion
Orgies of grief personified
Reveal the mischief of unknown pleasures
Finding closure in suicide
The time has come to seperate all evils
Prepare the butcher for the ends of man
Whispering shackles hold us in shadowplay
Faceless leaders in the grandstands

Drowning our veins, a lethal dose of this
Belial dream
Tainted morality,
Leaves us screaming for deliverance
Drowning our veins, a lethal dose of this
Belial dream
Tainted morality,
Leaves us screaming for deliverance

Sucked in by the succubi our thoughts divide
The bitter end but to descend the lower by and by
The gentle touch a scythe of size, the rouge upon the blade
Memories of the garden trees that withered as they sway

Lyrics by Wikk, Infernal
Track Name: Altars of Grief - In Dying Light [Altars of Grief]
In Dying Light

Open yourself to me
Consumed by my misery
Your blackened wings unfurled
And the ashes fell like snow
The ghosts that reside in this place
A reminder of the life that we shared
In you, I saw reflections of a cold, winter day
Where the sun refused to shine

These years have stolen everything from me
But, time can not claim your memory

Time can't take your memory from me

In dying light
I'll carry this weight
In dying light
I'll see your ghost again

The future holds nothing for me
Trapped in the darkness, alone
Tired eyes, cursed to wake to another day
Slipping further down into despair

Lyrics: Damian Smith
Track Name: Your Heaven [Altars of Grief]
Your Heaven

Without your voice I am sightless and alone
Haunted by the memories of a place I once called home
Shadows force their way inside and paint depictions of my grief
I lament for providence but my faith abandons me
Growing cold with every hour of this endless night
The broken wings that expand behind me are incapable of flight

Mired deep within my sullen ruin
Amidst the dust and bereft of your light
Divine hands that crafted your wings
Bind me, hopeless, to my despair
The sands of time, for me, shall fall no longer
This growing darkness I can not escape
Desperate prayers have gone unanswered
I know your Heaven was never in reach

At last, the rain did cease
And a thunderous silence beset me
Grey skies give way
To an aching clarity
You're no longer here
But, I can't forget your face
I need to feel something real
The caress of cold steel
Metallic taste on my tongue
My hands are shaking
But, my senses are numb
I need to feel your pain
I need to know your Heaven is real

Under my own heartbeat
And heavy breath
There is no sound
But, that of time fading away
In these final moments
We are truly alone
Until the silence takes us away
Away from this life

[Lyrics by Damian Smith]